Atlanta Business Chronicle Shines Spotlight on Historic Westside

The Historic Westside was the focus of the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2017 Westside Market Report. The 20-page feature delves into the collaborative revitalization efforts happening in the four Westside communities of Vine City, English Avenue, Ashview Heights and Atlanta University Center, highlighting work in the areas of safety and security, mixed-income housing, cradle-to-career education, and community health and wellness.

Article: Westside revitalization effort tackles gentrification fears

Atlanta’s Westside is poised for a redevelopment surge and a coalition of business leaders, city officials and community activists are determined that prosperity will not bring inequality for longtime residents.

Article: Programs seek to diversify, improve Westside housing

Westside Future Fund is helping to lay the foundation for Westside residents to live in a mixed-income, diverse neighborhood. One of the fund’s four focus areas is creating mixed-income communities where current residents are able to remain for generations and new residents are attracted to reside — a combination that stimulates and supports local business.

ArticleSafety and security initiatives lift troubled Westside neighborhoods

Reducing crime in a big city is no easy task, particularly in an area where drugs and violence are staples of daily living. Yet in one such location, Atlanta’s Westside, crime overall has gone down almost 40 percent in just one year and the drug trade has been vastly curtailed.

ArticleImproving residents’ health includes access to care, more green space

Improving the health of the historic Westside neighborhoods involves a multifaceted approach that includes more green space for outdoor recreation, and several options for residents to access health care.

Article: Future expectations from young Westsiders

Raising Expectations empowers youth in crises by raising academic, social and civic expectations to facilitate high school graduation and post-secondary plans. This is especially important for students growing up in troubled neighborhoods like Vine City and English Avenue on the Westside. Here three Raising Expectations participants from the Westside share hopes for the future.

ViewPoint Op-Ed: It’s Time for the Westside, by WFF Board Chairman Richard Dugas 

ViewPoint Op-Ed: Fulfilling Our Vision of the Beloved Community, by Westside resident Makeda Johnson 


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