Summit Spotlight: Meet Melodii Peoples

This week’s spotlight Summit attendee is resident Melodii Peoples.

Melodii is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and currently serves on the board of the Clark Atlanta Mass Media Arts Alumni Society. Melodii graciously shared her time with us after our April 21 Summit to tell us why she regularly attends the meetings, why she loves her community and her hope for the Westside.

  • What is your connection to the Historic Westside? I moved to the Westside in 1996 as a teen mom, and I was embraced by the community immediately. I used to walk from what used to be Fair Street, down J. P. Brawley, to English Avenue, where my daughter attended day care at the Head Start Program. I later graduated from Clark Atlanta University and I still am heavily involved with CAU as an alumni. I ran for office last year in this district, because I want to see change and growth in this community. I still want to see change and growth here, and I intend to be a part of seeing it happen.


  • When did you attend your first Summit and what was your impression? My first summit was a year ago or more ago. I was impressed with the flow of the event, the quality of the scheduled guest presenters and the variety of attendees.


  • What was your impression of the April 21 Summit? I learned a lot about the Integrity CDC program and their offerings. I wasn’t aware of their job readiness program nor their other layered programs.


  • Why have you continued to attend? What keeps you coming back? I’ve continued to attend because I’ve found the presentations and networking possibilities valuable. I appreciate being able to speak and ask questions of the local stakeholders in the Westside. I keep coming back because I want to stay abreast of the upcoming developments.


  • Is there a Summit or Summit presenter that was particularly memorable? If so, why? The Atlanta Public Schools’ Superintendent (Dr. Meria Carstarphen) was my favorite presenter. I hope to see her again.


  • What do you love most about the Westside? I love the history and warmth of the community. I love the walkability and the architecture that I can enjoy as I walk by.


  • What is your hope for the Westside? I hope that the Westside retains the essence of what makes it so special, as it grows into a connected, modern town with knowledge of it’s foundation and sensibility. I hope that the Westside can garner as much support as other local communities have. It appears that we are beginning to get the attention that we deserve. I want to be responsible with that attention.

Want to join Melodii at our next Transform Westside Summit and get the latest on the Westside revitalization efforts? Click here to register for our May 5 Summit, featuring Central Atlanta Progress.