City of Refuge reflects on new building groundbreaking, #PowerOfWe in Historic Westside column for Saporta Report

This week’s Historic Westside column for Saporta Report was penned by our friends at City Refuge. Read the piece below, with an introduction from Westside Future Fund’s president and CEO John Ahmann.


If you are on a tall building and happen for a moment to wonder about the law of gravity as you watch a beautiful bird soar, just release an apple from the top to be reminded that the law very much exists.

If you wonder whether “the more we the more I can get done” is true, look to the leadership of Bruce Deel, founder and CEO of City of Refuge, for observable empirical evidence. Bruce has been demonstrating the power of “we” for over 20 years and last week he led a groundbreaking on a new affordable apartment community across the street from City of Refuge.

Please read this week’s column by Britt Gray, City of Refuge & Britni Johnson, The Wilbert Group to learn more about The 1300 and how it supports the mission of the City of Refuge.

Click here to read the full column.

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