Q&A with PwC’s Kevin Kelly

As we celebrate the successful wrap-up of our inaugural program cycle of the Westside Neighborhoods Beautification Project, we thought it fitting to highlight the organization that helped make it all possible.

The PwC Charitable Foundation was the primary sponsor of the job training and skills development program. Over the last three months, the program supported Westside residents on their paths to employment and empowerment and, equally important, made the Westside look a little cleaner and a little brighter.

In this week’s Q&A, PwC’s Kevin Kelly, Atlanta Office Managing Partner, talks about PwC’s commitment to the Westside and the company’s hope for the future of the community.Kevin Kelly pic

  • Why did PwC become involved with the historic Westside, including the Westside Neighborhoods Beautification project? We recognize that restoring the strength of Atlanta’s Westside enables our entire city to continue to thrive. In particular, the Westside Future Fund’s strategy of “cradle to career” education is a cornerstone to this effort, as it helps to build up the local workforce by supporting and empowering residents to grow their job skills and prepare for a successful and productive future.  Made possible by a grant from the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc., the Westside Neighborhoods Beautification Project in particular is an innovative concept because it not only provides individuals with a stepladder for success, but it also provides an opportunity for participants to contribute to the improvement and clean up of the neighborhood itself. This is in lockstep with PwC’s purpose of building trust in society and solving important problems.

Click below to watch the official Westside Neighborhoods Beautification Project video.


  • What are your recommendations to others who are interested in getting involved on the Westside? The Westside of Atlanta is faced with many challenges, and we would encourage anyone looking to contribute to creating a brighter future for this area — and the entire city of Atlanta — to consider joining with us in investing in these critical opportunities to maximize resources and help the area revitalize and grow.


  • What is your hope for the Westside? Our hope is that, together, business and community leaders will continue to develop new and different ways to collaborate so that the Westside of Atlanta will once again restored to a thriving and growing community, helping to ensure that Atlanta remains a hub for talent, innovation and vibrant quality of life for years to come.


About The PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc., is a section 501(c)(3) organization that makes contributions to the people of PwC in times of financial hardship, and to nonprofit organizations that support and promote education and humanitarianism. Every day, PwC strives to enrich the lives of clients we serve, people we employ and citizens in our communities. We value our role in constructing and delivering solutions to the immense challenges faced by society. Some of these include reducing carbon emissions, increasing financial literacy and access to education and offering strategic grants through the PwC Charitable Foundation.

For more information on the PwC Charitable Foundation, visit www.pwccharitablefoundation.org