Roots on the Westside: Trees Atlanta

Partnership helps heal the land, connect people

Three decades ago, the Westside Future Fund partnered with Trees Atlanta to change the landscape of the community for the better – literally.

For years, the Westside community had suffered from environmental inequalities that caused tremendous damage to the natural landscape. To help heal the land, Westside Future Fund turned to Trees Atlanta, an organization with a deep commitment to maintaining the natural beauty of our city known for its sprawling tree canopies.

“We know that reconnecting to nature helps people, and what better way to ground ourselves in nature than with trees?” says John Ahmann, President and CEO of Westside Future Fund. “A lot of environmental injustice issues happened in our neighborhood, so we’re working to rectify this by adding more landscaping with lots of trees.”

Together, Westside Future Fund and Trees Atlanta have planted hundreds of trees alongside affordable multi-family housing developments on the Westside. As a matter of fact, Trees Atlanta named Westside Future Fund their 2022 Tree Champion Community Award winner, an honor that inspires WFF to forge ahead with a joint mission to revitalize the natural beauty of the Westside.

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