Westside Future Fund Appoints Rochelle Reeder As New Chief Development Officer

Westside Future Fund (WFF), a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing Atlanta’s historic Westside neighborhoods, is proud to announce the appointment of its new Chief Development Officer, Rochelle Reeder. With nearly two decades of experience in development and fundraising, Rochelle brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for advocating on behalf of women, youth, education, and the community.

Her expertise lies in crafting results-driven strategic plans, building sustainable and robust donor relationships, motivating teams, and efficiently utilizing resources to exceed fundraising goals. Her impressive track record showcases her ability to establish strategic relationships, inspire forward-thinking teams, and maximize resources. Prior to joining WFF, Rochelle served in key development leadership roles at YR Media, Spelman College, Interdenominational Theological Center, and The Woodruff Arts Center.

Rochelle’s journey into philanthropy and development was deeply influenced by her parents, who instilled in her the values of giving back to the community. This early exposure to community service and the power of giving shaped her understanding of philanthropy as something accessible to everyone, regardless of the scale of their contributions. She carries forward her family’s tradition of community care, not just in her professional life but as an extension of her personal values. She possesses a passion and enthusiasm for social impact, driving her to maximize WFF’s efforts to identify new funding opportunities and amplify donor engagement.

 Reeder is dedicated to addressing critical social issues, including racial inequities and policy failures affecting marginalized communities. Her strategic evolution focuses on expanding WFF’s platform and programming, increasing the organization’s local presence, and deepening its mission-critical services – including  WFF’s signature quality affordable housing program Home on the Westside, which has three service areas: single-family homeownership, rental housing, and property tax assistance for legacy residents.

Reeder will lead the organization’s capital fundraising campaign Our Next Chapter, which aims to raise $55 million to complete the affordable housing development targets established by WFF in 2017.

You can learn more about WFF’s Our Next Chapter campaign here.