Westside Future Fund Celebrates Spelman College Professor Purchasing A Home In English Avenue

Westside Future Fund (WFF) is proud to celebrate another member of our community finding a home on the Westside. Last month, Dr. Alix Pierre purchased a home in the English Avenue neighborhood. As a professor at Spelman College, Dr. Pierre meets WFF’s community retention guidelines for its signature high-quality, affordable housing program, Home on the Westside. HOTW prioritizes housing for those with live, work, and learn connections to the historic Westside.

Dr. Pierre is a senior lecturer and resident scholar with Spelman’s Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator. He first learned about HOTW’s homeownership program for mortgage-ready buyers during a 2023 information session hosted by WFF’s HOTW team on the college’s campus. He looked forward to purchasing a home in the historic Westside to be closer to the academic institution. Through WFF and our partners, Dr. Pierre qualified for $70,000 in down-payment assistance for his home.

Home on the Westside stands as Westside Future Fund’s flagship program, committed to three key service areas to empower residents and foster community stability. These service areas include providing homeownership opportunities for mortgage-ready buyers, ensuring quality multifamily rentals, and offering property tax assistance through our Anti-Displacement Tax Fund. Through initiatives like these, we strive to create pathways to economic stability and combat displacement in the neighborhoods we serve.

WFF’s mission to advance a compassionate approach to equitable revitalization is achieved through the support of our philanthropic partners. The organization has launched Our Next Chapter, a capital fundraising campaign to accelerate its ability to create affordable housing for legacy and future residents of the historic Westside and to restore these storied neighborhoods as part of the fabric of Atlanta. Become a part of Our Next Chapter.