Westside Future Fund Celebrates August Home Sales Through Home on the Westside

Earlier this month Westside Future Fund celebrated closings for two more homeowners through our signature affordable housing program Home on the Westside.

Kristen Folsom has purchased a home in English Avenue. She works in public health and is a Spelman College alumna.

Tiffany Tyuse is the second single-family home sale for WFF’s Home on the Westside in Vine City, and works in county government.

WFF created HOTW as part of our commitment to community retention and serves residents with key “live, work, and learn” connections to the Westside. WFF’s HOTW program provides key services for legacy and future residents of the Historic Westside, specifically in the English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights, Atlanta University Center and Just Us neighborhoods. Those services include:

Learn more about our signature program Home on the Westside here. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel  and our Stories of Impact blog to hear more from the residents we serve.